Martin Kobler Congratulates Pakistan on Winning Hosting Rights of Asia Cup

German Ambassador Martin Kobler, who has attracted a huge fan following on social media with his Pakistan-friendly gestures, has once again won hearts of the people.

On Thursday, Asian Cricket Council (ACC) unanimously chose Pakistan host for the next Asia Cup scheduled in September 2020.

The news spread jubilation across the country and Martin thought it’d be a good idea to share the joy of the moment.


India Refuses to Tour Pakistan in Upcoming T20 Asia Cup

The German envoy took to Twitter to congratulate people of Pakistan on getting cricket back in the country – that too in Urdu!

Little did he know that India would do everything it could to disrupt the return of international Cricket to Pakistan.

Hours after Pakistanis and Kobler’s short-lived joy, the news hit that BCCI has refused to tour Pakistan for Asia Cup 2020.

So, whether Asia Cup would be hosted in Pakistan or not, is still a long shot.

If Pakistan is to host the Asia Cup, it would have to choose a neutral venue which will most probably be the UAE, its defacto home ground.

  • Now watch for india to orchestrate a terrorist attack and derail this event on security ground.

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