Bids of Media Rights For PSL Fall Short of PCB’s $42 Million Target

With Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) latest edition approaching kickoff, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has started receiving bids for media rights for next three years.

According to sources, every offer that has been made thus far is extremely disappointing. He claimed that these offers don’t compare against the offers which were accepted for the first two seasons of the league.

The PCB set an unofficial target of $42 million figure mark for the next three years and none of the bidders have come near to it.

The source claimed that PCB was convinced that more bidders will reach the target figure because of PSL’s growing popularity along with the fact that more PSL matches will be played in Pakistan than before.

The offers and the bidders have not yet been revealed. The offers, however, were tabled at a meeting on Friday.

The tenure of the new and successful bidders of the fourth edition will commerce from 14th February till 17th March.

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  • PSL is available on every channel which causes fragmentation of content and there is no value of advertisers and channel networks.
    Media rights of PSL should be confined to a single tv network who should exploit the rights on its own, only then the tv network will be able to pay this magical huge figure

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