CAA to Investigate Huge Cracks in a Building of New Islamabad Airport

The Director General Civil Aviation Authority (DGCAA) has formed an inquiry committee to investigate the cracks appearing in the Cargo Unit Building of the newly constructed Islamabad International Airport (IIA).

A CAA official clarified that the authority has formed the inquiry committee and directed it to identify the people responsible for the cracks in the Cargo Unit Building way before a news item pertaining to the issue appeared on the media.

Recently, a news report emerged on the local media that the cargo unit building has started caving in and the authorities have decided to shift the staff and workers to some other place.


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In fact, the report stated that the issue was brought to the notice of the airport manager and the project director of the IIA, informing them that the building had been rendered unsafe for those working there.

It is pertinent to mention here that the building has started deteriorating within seven months of the airport’s construction that cost more than Rs. 105 billion. The authorities, after notifying the CAA, plastered the walls to fill the cracks, but alarm bells went off when the building started cracking again after a few days.

According to the sources from the customs authorities, with every passing day, new cracks were appearing while the gaps in existing cracks have been widening as well.

Officials have expressed concern that if precautionary measures are not taken in time, a mishap can occur.

The said building is also accommodating a post office and a National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) branch where over 200 to 300 individuals either work or visit during the business days.

All these offices will also require relocation.

Via: The News, Dawn

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