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You Can Now Replace Your Old Vehicle Registration Books With Smart Cards

The Punjab Excise Department is going to issue smart cards as a substitute for vehicle registration books from Monday.

The department has finalized all the arrangements to launch the new vehicle registration system. As per the details, smart cards are going to replace the vehicle registration books under the new system.

Moreover, the department will dispatch the smart cards at the applicant’s address. It has already procured the machines for smart cards that can generate 22,000 cards every day. It means a much higher number of issuances will be conducted, as the present system can issue only 8000 registration books per day in Punjab.

The new system is going to be more efficient and enable the digitization of the vehicle registration process.

Another benefit of smart cards over the books is the reduced size, making them easy to carry along. The new smart cards will have the same physical dimensions as the normal identity cards.


Punjab Excise Dept to Launch Smart Cards for Vehicle Registration

As per the available sources, all procedures required for the implementation of this technology has been executed. Another thing worth mentioning here is that it is not binding upon anyone to replace their registration books with the smart cards.

The owner may or may not avail the facility. Nevertheless, availing smart cards will cost Rs. 530. These cards will also contain a chip that shows its previous status.

Moreover, officials of the department have had special training to deal with the new registration system.

Smart Card Details

As for the other features of the card, it bears the vehicle owner’s name, national identity card details, registration number, chassis number, date of registration, previous registration (if any), engine number, and the number of cylinders.

It also includes the engine number, token tax expiry date, type of body, vehicle’s color, class of vehicle, manufacturer’s name, unladen weight, Reg. Laden weight, front axle, tire size, rear axle, other axle, seating capacity, year of manufacturing, assessed annual tax, and horsepower/CC.

With the new registration system, the government intends to ensure that it prevents fabrication, forged documents along with streamlining the entire registration process.

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  • Why keep adding more cards. Why not just add the registration info to a user’s Nadra ID card that everyone already has. The traffic police just needs a single device/computer in their cars to scan any ID card to verify if a car belongs to the current driver’s ID card.

    • Yes indeed. My friend has one of these cards. He got it in 2016. He replaced his registration book with this card and now he just keeps this card in his wallet. Today I saw this and talked to him about this and I am thinking about applying for it too. Though I still have one or two questions.

  • what is the procedure for people who are looking forward to replace old with new.
    they should give a portal where we can apply and deposit the money via bank and able to get the card by visiting the office only 1 time.

    • I guess you will need a one time visit and they will send your smart card to your home address but dont forget to take your vehicle and identity documents. Taking a copy is even better

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