NBI Launches a Digital Platform to Discuss Pakistan’s Upcoming IT Policy

NBI (Nation Building Initiative), is a society formed to unify the nation through social harmony and economic growth. Its founding member, Arifullah Hussaini, is the President of the initiative. NBI’s Vision is to build an educated and prosperous Pakistan by promoting the implementation of our Constitution.

NBI has launched its first ever digital platform in Pakistan that is enabling the people of the country to give their suggestions on the IT Policy of Pakistan. This initiative is a stepping stone to actively involve the nation, helping the Prime Minister’s IT Task Force to formulate the IT Policy of the nation.

We are using social media and our web forum, NBI Forum to get suggestions on various issues from all over the world. Once the audience is established, this digital platform will allow us to continue seeking feedback on various matters from key participants that are eager and willing to participate in taking the nation forward. Not only will we be able to get suggestions but this will also become the pathway of communication with the people on various issues encouraging healthy discussions and debate.

The Conference to formulate the IT Policy of Pakistan, in collaboration with the IT Ministry, is being held on December 23rd, 2018 at Bahria Auditorium, Karsaz, Karachi.

You can register for the Conference at forum.nbi.org.pk.

This Conference focuses on topics that have not been given enough attention previously like gender discrimination, cybersecurity, cybercrime and various SDGs. There is a dire need in our country to have strict policies on many of the issues being discussed, and through this effort, we aim to put policies in place. This forum tries to tackle many issues with IT which is a great enabler.

NBI Forum allows the public to interact with the decision makers. Your opinions and suggestions are crucial for the formulation of the IT Policy of this country and the NBI Forum are where you can play your part as a responsible citizen of Pakistan.

Please go to forum.nbi.org.pk and do your part.

Also you can register for the conference on this platform.

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