Imran Khan Lauds Naya Pakistan’s CM Punjab in a Tweet

Chief Minister Punjab, Usman Bazdar, is well known for his soft-natured, down to earth personality. While many people praise him for that, some also criticize him for the same quality.

This time, Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken to Twitter to praise the CM for his humbleness. He shared a picture of the CM sitting along the three applicants on the same couch.

The applicants seem to be from the tribal region of Punjab, as apparent from their demeanor. They are sitting narrowly with the CM on a three-seat sofa.

The PM captioned the image as: “This is Naya Pakistan. A picture is worth more than a 1000 words.”

Since the PM has shared the tweet, many have appreciated the move while others have criticized for being cosmetics.

Imran Khan tweet

Imran Khan TweetImran Khan Tweet

Imran Khan Tweet

Imran Khan Tweet

Imran Khan Tweet

Imran Khan Tweet

  • Do ask people on the ground. Punjab is going down along with the reputation of PTI. Industries are now at a standstill. Educated people are trying to leave. There is no progress whatsoever. Photoshoot drama is at peak. All mega projects are stopped and Buzdar has no vision whatsoever. The tribal Sardar is now running Punjab. A tribal leader of one Baloch tribe cannot solve the problems of Central and Northern Punjab. We need a very educated and accomplished person to rule us.

    Imran Khan has made a huge mistake and he will pay for it in the next elections ( if the elections will be free and fair).

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