Oppo F19 to Feature a 10x Lossless Zoom Camera: Reports

Oppo has been bringing new technology with its Smartphones for quite some time now. The company, which mainly specializes in launching midrange budget devices, has proved again and again that it has what it takes to launch innovative products in the market.

Not only does this make for good sale numbers, Oppo also inspires other brands with its unique Smartphone designs. It recently made a splash in the smartphone world after launching the Find X – a truly bezel-less phone with a first-of-its-kind slider design. Apparently, other companies also took notice, and almost immediately started working on their own iterations of the so-called “slider design”.

Oppo F19’s 10x Lossless Zoom Camera

Now, the Chinese tech giant is looking to make another mark in smartphone technology. Oppo is expected to launch a smartphone camera that’s capable of 10x lossless zoom. That’s way more than what other companies have been able to achieve so far, and this technology is already close to getting launched.

According to a report, Oppo’s upcoming smartphone – the Oppo F19 – will debut with this camera technology, and its launch might not be as far as you’d expect.

Surely, Oppo has remained quiet about it, but insider reports and blueprint leaks have suggested that the company is much closer to revealing an actual phone with such camera prowess.

As for rest of the details, related to its launch and pricing, we can’t say anything yet. According to rumors, the Oppo F19 will feature a Snapdragon 675 – a chipset designed specifically for camera phones, a 6.3-inch Full View display, and most likely a selfie camera hole in the screen.

We already posted some leaked blueprints of the 10x lossless camera technology. It is expected to use Oppo’s “periscope” dual camera configuration, where the camera lenses are placed deep into the 5.7 mm thick phone’s body instead of protruding outwards.


Oppo May Debut 10x Hybrid Optical Zoom for Smartphones

Whether or not this camera arrangement lives up to the mark, we’ll need to wait and find out.

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