Govt in Talks With International Experts to Develop the New Islamabad Master Plan

Currently, there is an ongoing tug of war between the government and the bureaucracy regarding who should get the reins of the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

In this backdrop, the government is planning to take the services of international experts on urban planning and sustainable architecture to develop the new Islamabad master plan considering the modern techniques and requirements.

According to the sources available, the government has made a breakthrough regarding the matter. It has found the only Ph.D. on the Capital’s master plan. The individual is a Pakistani national, working in Brussels for more than 20 years. He has agreed to work voluntarily on Islamabad’s Master Plan.

Professor Dr. Ahmed Zaib Khan, an expert on sustainable urban development, has agreed to work with the federal government and chalk out a new master plan for the capital city that will account for the modern and sustainable architecture and urban trends.


Govt to Revise Islamabad Master Plan for First Time in 58 Years

Currently, Dr. Khan is in Pakistan for vacation and serves at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He is well versed in framing master plans for urban development in the European Union, Latin America, and Africa.

According to Dr. Khan,

I think I have been serving the world with my abilities and it is about time that I should return my services to my country and my people now. I want to serve purely on a voluntary basis and don’t seek anything from Pakistan in return.

As for the tussle between the government and the CDA officials, the bureaucracy is trying to foil transparency and moderation. Reportedly, the top CDA officials have recently attempted a covert move to retain their control over the affairs by taking over the CDA’s Board of Directors (BOD).

Via: Pakistan Today

  • They should instead consider Karachi to Improve the city’s structures by eliminating old broken buildings that could collapse anytime, remake broken Main roads which cause traffic jams in the whole city, revive old parks, make new Parks, cricket, football and hockey sport grounds/stadiums etc.

  • I know two with the same experience like Mr Khan. So he is not the only one in this field. But I am afraid that Imran Khan and his cabinet will not like them as Both are Punjabis and only Punjabis hired in this cabinet are bootlickers like Chaudary, but other experts and businessmen of Punjabi descent are being targeted by NAB or are forced to leave Pakistan.
    So well done Mr Khan to get the reigns of CDA along with another Master planner Khan.

  • First the old Master plan must be expanded to accommodate existing land. Why waste money on new Master Plan implementation when plenty of sectors from original Master Plan remain undeveloped and societies are mushrooming up in every adjacent area.

    Further, expansion toward Haripur (as per current Master Plan)must be done to bring down property prices for the sake of affordability.

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