Pakistan’s Fastest Female Athlete is the Daughter of an Imam

Sahib-e-Asra is not just killing competition but also killing stereotypes. She is Pakistan’s fastest female athlete and also happens to be the daughter of an imam (religious preacher).

The young woman, who is a native of Faisalabad, started her career as an athlete runner back in school, taking part in division and district level competitions as much as she could.

She soon proved herself and started to sprint at province-wide tournaments. It is then that she truly arrived, as she bagged a gold medal in one of those tournaments.

Asra was a gold medalist before she started of her professional career as a sprinter. She was intent on pursuing her passion despite the lack of resources for sportspeople in the country. She was told that support for sportspeople in Pakistan was far behind even when compared to countries like Bangladesh, yet she remained determined to continue.

The sportswoman said that her father, who is an imam, was rather supportive of her career as a sportswoman, despite what people could generally assume.

She also revealed that it was people that they knew, associates and acquaintances, that were opposed to the idea and tried to convince her father not to let her carry on with a career as an athlete. Asra said that her father paid no heed to the unsolicited advice and let her continue with her passion.

Extremely Supportive of his Daughter

When asked how he feels about his daughter pursuing her passion for sports, Qari Alam Khan said that when her school teachers told him that his daughter was a sprinter and a fairly good one at that, it made him happy.

He said that while he was proud of his daughter he was let down that the government was not doing much for athletes.

I am as proud of my daughter, as I am of my son.

One hopes that Asra continues to excel at what she does and that the government also takes notice of the promising young talent. It is high time that the cause of sports is promoted, supported and given the attention it deserves at all levels.

  • ALLAH Mazeed Kamyab Kare Aaamen

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  • Geek At Large

    More power to her and the supportive father!

    Wish our so called Islamic scholars and muftis who are out to imprison women behind walls and black burqas can learn something about gender equality from this gem of a person.

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    Voted up.

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    You have my respect, Sir. Salute!

  • Abu Khuzaima

    kaash imam masjid sb quran e pak ki ayat ka tarjuma jantey jin maen parday ka zikr hay.
    Allah muhjay or sab ko hadayat atta farmaey

    • True But Aj Kal K Dour Main Aurto Ko Mardo K Braber Hona Hai

    • hahah

      I might be wrong but wearing these clothes are permissible if you have no choice

      • Asim Zahoor
      • Asim Zahoor

        U said she had no choice what about Kariman Abuljadayel, became the first Saudi Arabian woman to compete in the 100m sprint in RIO Olympics

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          same clothes so whats your point?

          • Asim Zahoor

            Are you naive or acting to be one if u cant find any difference ??

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              kindly explain the difference… and please leave the sleeve length, scarf… both are same if you’re going to go with or islamic views. simple! there’s no if n buts, both are skin tight.

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                LOL okay good for you then. At least now u r able to find the difference in both pictures visually. Maybe one day you will also find the difference from islamic point of view.

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                  walking away with lol is pretty stupid when you can’t find the answer.
                  instead of guessing maybe for me, start praying maybe you get the eyes to see things properly.

  • Tech Boy

    This is classic example of how ignorant people are at the helm of our religious affairs.

    First we must understand fitness is different from sports. Fitness is allowed in Islam, Sports are not as they are waste of time and classified as lawjh (useless) by people with actual knowledge. I know how pseudo intellectuals will jump in and try to give reasons for the validity of sports.

    I stopped watching Olympics when I came to know that they were actually a form of worship in ancient Greece.

  • BrotherRog

    Typical I.K. – rebelling by running from authority and tradition. ; )
    (playing on the Christian PK – preacher’s kid)

    Roger Wolsey, author, Kissing Fish: Christianity for people who don’t like Christianity

  • Zaheer ul islam

    Mashallah! pakistan need more talented sportswomen like Asra really she is more then proud …

  • V Kumar

    if she has passed school then there might be a public sector company like PIA where she can be hired for her sports

    • nouman

      she is in pakistan not india where there is no women’s safety not even from their family members.

  • Strange stereotypes are created in the first place to be commented on later by the same people who created them.