Samsung’s Foldable Phone Expected to Feature Multiple Cameras

Samsung is already known to be working on an actual folding phone – a smartphone cum tablet that has a flexible display, which can be opened and closed like a book to switch between two screen sizes.

The foldable phone isn’t for everyone, of course, mainly because it is expected to come for an eye-watering price. It’s a new type of technology, and before it becomes more common, it’s definitely going to be expensive.

Going All Out

Samsung isn’t looking to keep the prices low either. The tech giant seems to be going all-in so as to make it’s upcoming foldable device a complete premium package.

Other than its unique display, that needed some high-tech engineering to produce, Samsung won’t hold back on the rest of its hardware either. The company is now expected to place triple cameras in the upcoming foldable phone which, by the way, is expected to be called Galaxy Fold. The device is already unique, and it is likely to feature triple cameras as well – a feature that is reserved for high-end, expensive devices.

The report comes from ETNews, a known South Korean news agency, and it says that Galaxy Fold is likely to feature a camera setup that “looks similar to” the Galaxy A7. There’s no word, however, on what type of cameras Samsung will actually use.

Possible Configuration

If the configuration is the same as the A7, Galaxy Fold will have a main telephoto camera, an ultra-wide angle shooter, and finally a depth sensor.

The set up isn’t as sophisticated as the P20 Pro, or other triple camera flagships of late, but it’s still expensive.

To compete with its rivals, Samsung is likely to use a better camera setup for the Galaxy Fold so it might not be the same as the A7 after all.

We will update you as soon as we get more news on Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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