This Year’s iPhones Will Use a 3D Camera Made by Sony

Apple’s upcoming flagship – the iPhone 11 – is already in the works and might pack some interesting technology we haven’t seen before in a smartphone.

While details are still scarce, a new report has emerged that suggests that Apple might be using a 3D Sony camera for its 2019 iPhone. It’s true that Apple has already been using a 3D infrared camera for accurate facial recognition ever since it launched the iPhone X.

However, this is a new type of sensor which has recently been developed by Sony, and reportedly, Apple has already enlisted itself as a buyer for Sony’s 3D cameras. This sensor works a bit differently than Apple’s current 3D facial recognition hardware.

It is able to accurately scan real-life objects, such as living room furniture by using laser emitters that model these objects in 3D. Potentially, these cameras will be present on both the front and rear of every new iPhone.

This kind of technology has great potential for gaming and other educational uses. Sony says that it’ll be able to change the way smartphone cameras are used these days.

A Bloomberg article reads,

Sony showed several examples using a custom phone with a 3D camera on its rear. In one app, users made specific hand gestures to cast magic spells inside a virtual game. In another, the phone calculated the depth of the room and accurately displayed a virtual goldfish swimming in front of and behind real-life objects.

Do note that Apple is not the only smartphone maker that opted in to purchase these sensors. We might get to see similar technology in other big flagships that are going to be launched in 2019 – especially the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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