Ali Tareen Finally Decides the Name for PSL’s Sixth Team

Pakistan Super League (PSL) sixth team’s owner, Ali Tareen, has finally decided on a name for his team. While he mentioned four new names in a Twitter poll, the politician has decided to stick with the franchise’s old name, Multan Sultans.

Tareen made the decision public via his official Twitter handle last night.

Junior Tareen, in a brief video message on Twitter, titled “Awaam ki awaaz sunn lee. Naam ka faisla ho gaya!” said his road trip to different cities of southern Punjab made him realised that the previous name of the team was more likeable among common people.


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Multan Malangs and Multan Bahadurs were two top picks on Twitter, and we’d almost made our mind to pick one of these before we decided to meet common people of southern Punjab and ask for their say. There we found out that the title of ‘Multan Sultans’ was more acceptable for people and there was no need for a change.

Ali Tareen further added that his favorite name was Multan Bahadurs, but he opted to prefer people’s choice over his own.


Ali Tareen’s Twitter Poll Suggests Sixth Team Will be Called Multan Malangs

“We, therefore, decided to stick with it,” Tareen said, thanking all those who contributed in the Twitter Poll.

Earlier in December, Tareen had won the bid for the rights of the sixth PSL team and had, later on, announced a Twitter Poll to pick a title for the team to go with the first name Multan.

As per the poll, the four shortlisted names included:

  • Multan Malangs
  • Multan Janoobis
  • Multan Saints
  • Multan Bahadurs

Multan Malangs was the top choice on Twitter while Multan Bahadur was Ali Tareen’s personal favorite as he revealed in the video.

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