Peshawar Zalmi Showered Players With Mega Rewards, Still Avoided Huge Losses

Arguably the most popular franchise of Pakistan Super League’s (PSL), Peshawar Zalmi, filled its players’ pockets with cash prizes after winning the title of the second edition.

Zalmi outplayed Quetta Gladiators in the final of PSL 2017 which was played at Lahore’s Qaddafi Stadium on March 5, 2017.

According to a leaked report, Zalmi players received cash prizes worth almost Rs. 4.3 million from the franchise.

The report reveals the total revenue report of the franchise in the first two seasons of the league.

As per the report, Zalmi obtained revenue of Rs. 130.67 million from the central pool. However, it didn’t mention the amount Peshawar Zalmi got from the sponsorship deal.


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Following are the expenditure details of Zalmi for 2016:

  • Rs.160.74 million for an annual fee to PCB
  • Rs.110.5 million for match fee
  • Rs.2.98 million for daily allowances
  • Rs.1.59 million for dresses and kits
  • Rs.8.9 million on travelling/transport
  • Rs.111 million for hotel rent
  • Rs.0.5 million for insurance
  • Rs.1 million for match tickets
  • Rs.0.4 for other expenses
  • Rs.3.77 million for salaries
  • Rs.10.84 million for merchandising
  • Rs.0.19 million for registration in SECP
  • Rs.10.1 million for foreign tours
  • Rs. 0.25 million for auditors
  • Rs.3.5 million for marketing
  • Rs.8.79 million on media
  • Rs.10.27 million on advertisement
  • Rs.10 thousand on website
  • Rs. 7.8 million on miscellaneous payments

This is how the franchise faced a financial loss of Rs. 230.72 million in the first edition.

In the second season, Peshawar Zalmi won the title and thus generated more revenue than 2016.

This time around, the franchise received Rs. 100.84 million from the central pool and another Rs. 260.9 million from the sponsorship deal as well as a winning bonus of Rs. 50.2 million.

The total turnout for the Zalmi in 2017 was over Rs. 402.86 million, which was spent on the following things:

  • Rs.160.74 million for an annual fee to PCB
  • Rs.13.3 million for match fee
  • Rs.9.12 million for players’ daily allowances
  • Rs.10.28 million on travel/transport
  • Rs.10.38 million for hotel rent
  • Rs.0.45 million for insurance
  • Rs.0.5 million on warm-up match
  • Rs.1.5 million in late surcharges
  • RS.40.29 million on cash prizes players and staff
  • Rs.3.77 million on foreign travels
  • Rs.0.275 million for auditors
  • Rs.7.4 million for marketing
  • Rs.2.15 million on media
  • Rs.4 million for advertisement
  • Rs. 9.9 million for other payments

This reduced Zalmi’s deficit to just Rs. 20 million in the second edition.

Via: Express News