This Video of Pakistani Visa ‘Stamped’ on a Passport is a National Embarrassment

Pakistan and China have been close friends for a long time now.

!پاک چین دوستی زندہ باد

With China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the bond has strengthened further and the two countries have vowed to keep the cordial relations going.

The influx of Chinese nationals in Pakistan is increasing by the day and the same goes for Pakistanis going to China. The increasing people to people contact between the two nations should mean smooth immigration operations. However, the Pakistani staff dealing with these operations are ever-ready to do something extraordinary to make a mockery of themselves.

A video recently made rounds on social media where a clerical worker can be seen stamping Pakistani visa on a Chinese passport. Here’s how he does it:

We are all well aware of the Pakistani version of doing things called ‘Jugaarh’, aren’t we? But, doing that at the official level while representing Pakistan in front of foreigners is embarrassing.

Either Pakistani visa centers are short of glue, or Pakistanis have developed a habit of doing things wrong.

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Feature Writer

  • Well, consulate people have certainly done much worse. For example, inviting a journalist to an embassy and then cutting him up into pieces, never to be heard from again. Compared to that, this is nothing.

  • in addition to this they also write details on this sticker using pen. Do you see the register with him. our visa is not digitized yet.

  • While in 2019 world is issuing paperless visas!!! And they are still busy in issuing visa with mouth spite!!!!

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