Pakistan-India World Cup Tickets Are Being Sold for 20x on the Black Market

Despite the tension between both countries, Pakistan and India are set to come up against each other in the in the upcoming World Cup.

This will be the first time Pakistan and India will be going head-to-head after the former took legal action against the latter and lost. The Greens are keen to change the trend and deliver a devastating blow to their arch-rivals.

Being aware of everything, the fans are eagerly waiting for the match. Many have already purchased the tickets for a match that is set to take place on 16th June of this year.

The tickets went for sale online when the month began and in 18 days, 98 percent of them have already been sold out. Due to high demand, some of the tickets at an online ticket exchange company are being sold for a much higher price.

The Gold tickets started from £150 and they are currently on sale for £3,280. Similarly, even the bronze tickets (which are the cheapest out of the bunch) are being sold for a much higher price.

According to details, the Platinum prices are the least inflated ones as the demand for those tickets is lower as opposed to cheaper tickets in Gold, Silver and Bronze category.

Here is how the ticket sections are divided:

  • Platinum sections: 3 — most expensive seats
  • Gold sections: 4
  • Silver sections: 4
  • Bronze sections: 2 — cheapest seats

It remains to be seen whether the International Cricket Council (ICC) takes notice of the issue and comes up with a solution to help out all the cricket fans enjoy the game that they all love.

The match is to be played at Old Trafford, Manchester, United Kingdom on 16 June at 10:30.

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