This Whole Village Was Stealing Electricity & Now They’ve Got None

There is no denying that people in Pakistan are always on the lookout for shortcuts. Thriving on this mentality, the entire village of Sharifpura has been delivered a huge blow.

Existing on the outskirts of Lahore on GT Road, almost all the residents of Sharifpura have been caught stealing electricity directly from low tension (LT) lines.

Because of this, a Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) team has disconnected the power supply to the entire village.

Speaking to a local media outlet, a spokesperson of the company said:

There were only eight houses where the residents were using electricity through legal connections. However, the rest, whose connections were already cut by the Lesco’s GT Road sub-divisional office due to non-payment, were found stealing electricity directly from the LT lines.

The team has also removed two transformers installed in the village.

The electricity authority has submitted their applications to the respective police stations against the people responsible for stealing the electricity.

  • Punjab is the province with the lowest line losses in Pakistan. Most of the regions register more than 90 percent efficiency. But PTI Punjab bashing is in full swing.
    Whereas in FATA more than 95 percent people never pay any bills, The whole KP has one of the highest line losses in Pakistan and even in Asia.
    So come out of regional bias and dare to show the real Bijli chors of KP and Internal Sindh. Can you dare to switch off the electricity of any city in KP?. Law should be equal for all, then go ahead and do that.

    • PTI Punjab bashing is in full swing?? they are the ruling party you idiot they have been elected by the Punjabis because har koi ap ki tarha tasubiyat pasand ni hota kuch log subaiyat se barh kr mulk ka sochte ha

  • pata nhe PTI ko punjab k lia ch*tia log he milain hain hakomat krnay k lia. aik aanay ka kaam nhe kr rhay PTI k log bus inn sy batain krwa lo.

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