A Girl’s Account on How She Found the Best Website to Sell Her Old Phone

It was only last month when I was looking to sell my old phone. The urgency to sell my phone was partially because I had my heart set on a new phone for a few months now and being a working woman, who was doing a 9-5 to make ends meet, it was not possible for me to get a new phone without selling the old one and adding some more money in it.

After asking for suggestions from a few friends here and there, I knew my only option to get good money for my beloved phone was to go to Hafeez Center and sell it to any shopkeeper offering the best price.

As many of you know, going to Hafeez center is an ordeal in itself. For a girl, it meant keeping aside a few hours of the day for this particular chore only, as it means dressing in a certain way, shalwar kameez and a shawl which can cover you all over to be particular. Even after dressing up in completely modest attire, going to Hafeez center requires a special type of endurance which many of us might not have. However, as there is no other way to sell our gadgets, we must muster up the courage, take deep breaths before entering this crowded plaza and pray to get a good deal ASAP so we can get out of this place.

I do not have anything personal against Hafeez center, other than the fact that it is just not woman-friendly because the place is filled with men at all times from shopkeepers to customers. Seeing an unaccompanied woman most definitely makes these men stare, their eyes get fixated at this alien creature entering and they cannot help but market their shops and products out loud scratching one part or the other of their body. Just the thought of this makes me cringe and I feel uncomfortable, so I thought I’d just go to my good old friend google and ask for some help. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to find an alternative solution!

To my surprise, when I typed: “how to sell your old phone in Lahore?” on google, I got many options out of which I found 2 websites super duper useful and efficient. Hence I thought of sharing them with all you girls who are probably going through the same mental struggle of preparing themselves to go to the dreaded Hafeez center.

The first useful website I found was OLX, where you can put up pictures of your phone and post an ad on their page. You have to mention a phone number, and then you start getting calls from interested buyers. Well, the downside for me was giving my telephone number. I mean I did get some useful calls but the majority turned out to be useless and because they had my number, I started receiving a lot of random messages.

The other website which also turned out to be my savior was some new website called phonebechdou. It was a simple website, which asked me to fill out a form online and it promised that a representative will get in touch with me soon. I filled out the form, which asked for my phone specifications and pictures of the phone.

I did the required, though convinced in my head that I will not get a callback, thereby preparing myself for the dreaded trip yet again. ( My doubts are based on my past experiences with online websites guys) To my surprise, I got a call within an hour, and a representative asked me to give an address where he can come and check my phone and give me an estimated price, this service was free of cost!

I gave my house address and when the rider/rep came over, my dad spoke to him and showed my phone to him in our sitting room. The representative gave a decent estimate and the best part was that when I agreed to it he paid me then and there!

Yes, that was it, I could not believe I had received the money for my beloved phone at the comfort of my house. I highly recommend this website to all the single ladies, and also to the ones who are not single but still want to avoid a nerve-racking trip to Hafeez Centre.

Trust me this should be your go-to webpage for buying and selling all your gadgets. Thanks to phonebechdou team for making my life simpler!

  • if you don’t have courage to sell your phone at Hafeez center then don’t blame them for having men for running their business.
    ajeeb log

    • It’s the tharki men that the article mentions and I’ve seen it myself. Whenever a girl enters a mobile market the shopkeepers look at her like they have x-ray vision and are undressing her on the spot. Whether it’s a girl or a guy, nobody should be required to have “courage” to deal with such tharakpan.

  • Hate OLX. The moment you place an ad and insert your number on their website, you start receiving tens of Spam text messages every day. OLX is SO Effin annoying. OLX Please stop selling our Contact numbers to cheap ad agencies.

  • A total waste of time. Literally everyone knows about OLX. May be not phonebechdou, but still it was less about the web sites and more about the common perspective of women about men.

  • A made up story as it’s a sponsored write up to sell a website. The write up portrays men to be the worst of all the creatures and women to be the victims, as always. I being part of the “worst of all the creatures” would never want to use this sick website unless they apologies on using this sickening tactic.

    • It feels like phonebechdo wants to built up the database of “single ladies” living in Lahore as they ask for name, phone number and address as the basic information and they may get hold of some of the private information available in their sold cell phones.

      Why is their target market “single ladies”? Why? This sponsored write up is understandable if they buying used tampons or something.. but why they interested in “single ladies” used cell phones. Are they after their private data that they could recover? Why “single ladies”

  • Whats to say these phonebechdou guys wont sell your number to SMS spammers, thus making them numberbechdou?

  • Behen, Hafeez Center sab log pent pahen kay hi jatay hain. aap ka kia iraada thaa waissay ?. I have read some real “Ghattya” stuff on this website but this article has no match.

  • This is a sponsored post! Plus it must be sponsored by “phonebechdou” because she ends up making deal with them. I mean if you want to put a sponsored post, at least put the link of the website. Also, the name seems pretty weird. Don’t like how they structured this post, I mean phonebechdou should have first done a press release about this service, then promoted articles like these.

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