Careem Removes the Option for Negative Balance in its Wallet

Ride-hailing service, Careem has updated its method of payment, saying that the users can no longer pay less than the calculated ride fare to Careem captains.

In an email, Careem notified the users of the changes that the option of negative credit is being discarded. The driving factor behind the change is that the unpaid balance directly affects the Captain’s earnings which is why the users are advised to keep the necessary amount with them while taking Careem rides.

The message read:

Your account cannot have an unpaid balance anymore. So, make sure to carry the necessary amount with you when you book a ride.

To facilitate the users in case of less cash than the fare, you can ask the Captain to take you to the nearest ATM.

If you don’t have the exact change, you can pay extra as the drivers now have the option of adding up to Rs 400 as Careem credit. Another option is to enter your card details and move around without cash.

Via Pakistan Today

Feature Writer

  • Careem’s approach is wrong. Common problem is captain don’t usually have change with them. I once paid Rs. 130 for ride fare of Rs. 131, I got negative balance. They need to round off/up the fare.

  • Whats wrong if u pay 10 rupees to captain as a tip to encourage the captain and make your self a respectable customer. Because careem captain bring a comfortable cars to your doorstep in 24 hour service even in low standard areas.

  • Sure Careem is running through financial crunch. Most of experienced drivers had left n joind Uber for Uber is friendly ie Careem fines for Rs.1000 for cancelling unwanted ride while uber give liberty of cancelling 3 rides per day on genuine grounds.

    That’s why careem can’t compete Uber.

    Thanks for reading.

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