Senate Committee Approves Minimum Age for Marriage at 18 Years

The Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights has approved a bill that has set the minimum legal age of marriage as 18 years.

Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokar presided over the meeting in which the adulthood age was also set at 18.

In the meeting, Senator Usman Kakar said that underage marriage is the main cause of the rising rate of deaths. He also said that the requirement of an ID card is at 18 years of age and the same should be set for marriage for both women and men.


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Upon this, Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari said that the government is fine with the suggestion of the minimum age limit for marriage as 18 years.

The draft bill is going to be presented in the parliament next month for debate. It will be then sent to the cabinet for approval.

The HR minister also said that no legislation will take place against the Sharia law. She added that the rights of male and female individuals will be protected.

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  • Someone must have peanuts in head when they make Haram something which Allah has made Halal and then say “no legislation will take place against the Sharia law”

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