Samsung Begins Mass Production for Galaxy S10

Samsung has started mass producing the Galaxy S10 flagship according to an insider report that first appeared on The Investor.

As the launch date nears, the company is producing new units at full speed to meet its global demand. The launch date, by the way, is scheduled to be February 20, at Samsung’s Unpacked 2019 event. The event will show all three Galaxy S10 flagships – including a base S10, an S10 lite, and finally a top-of-the-line S10+. According to rumors, the company might also reveal the Galaxy F – Samsung’s first foldable phone – at the event.

The current production cycle will only manufacture 4G variants. The lineup is expected to get a 5G variant – an S10 X – which is the same as the S10+ but with 5G support. The fourth variant won’t get produced just yet as it be launched at a later date.

The main three variants – the S10 lite, S10, and S10+ – will differ in sizes and camera specifications but with the same chipset. Moreover, all three phones will also have an in-display fingerprint sensor and large AMOLED panels on front. Samsung is going for a hole-in-display or Infinity-O design for the new trio, with no notches this time but a separate camera hole for the selfie shooter.

According to the insider report, the 6.1-inch and 6.4-inch S10 variants are getting a Qualcomm-made in-display sensor – with better accuracy and speed – while the 5.8-inch S10 lite will only have a conventional optical reader.

Will Ship With Screen Protectors This Time

Furthermore, Samsung is sweetening the deal by shipping the S10 and S10+ with pre-installed screen protectors, because these two variants will have curved displays. It’s usually difficult to place a screen protector on a curved display, so it’s nice that Samsung is doing it for its consumers beforehand.

As for the foldable phone, the Galaxy F, it’s likely to make an appearance at the event, but it might not hit the market just yet, it’s expected to be made available after the 4G variants hit the market on March 3.

Stay tuned for Samsung’s event, and keep watching this space for a detailed review of the Galaxy S10 phones when they arrive in Pakistan.

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