Top Pakistani Agency Dismantles International Spy Network: Report

Pakistan’s elite security agency has successfully busted an international spy network in the country, a local media report said.

A report published in a local daily has claimed that the officials from Pakistan’s security establishment, including a very senior official retired just a few years back, have also been arrested during the operation.

The officials were reportedly passing on sensitive information to a spy agency of one of the most powerful countries. It claims that an official, serving in a Pakistani mission in a European capital, was also among the arrested ones.

The report cited its sources claiming that the international spy network has been completely dismantled, adding that the arrested officials were lured into espionage by the international agency.

The network was tasked to pass on sensitive security information, but the elite Pakistani agency, in a ‘remarkable operation,’ crippled the network with dexterity.

This is not the first time that Pakistan’s top spy agency has exposed and ripped apart such efforts made by foreign spy agencies.

The leaked Abbottabad Commission report revealed that former Pakistan envoy to the US, Hussain Haqqani, and his ‘principals’ were involved in “aiding and abetting the establishment of the nationwide foreign network in Pakistan.”

The report declared that Haqqani was working against national interest and was directly reporting to and taking instructions from these “principals” working for foreign interests in Pakistan. He was also allegedly by-passing the proper reporting channel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The report also mentions how some foreign agencies were allowed to recruit their agents in the tribal belt of Pakistan, and let their drones to use the Pakistani airspace for intelligence sharing.

It further reveals that the situation had gone so ‘out of the hands’ that their people were free to move in and out of the country without any interference.

“At times we did not know who is coming and who is going, and what is brought in and what was taken out,” the report quoted a very senior retired Army official.

Via: The News

  • A Much needed story for the sacred cows after the Sahiwal Tragedy. Good for Pakistan if it is actually happened.

  • Please all those who have any authority…. please … please…. get a law passed in the appropriate house dishing out the Death Sentence to anybody found guilty of espionage against the mother land….

  • Keep it up. Must tightens the security measures to avoid such kinda spy network’s. Great job Pak Securities Agencies.

  • there should be a capital punishment for people involved in espionage. these criminals should be made public and executed in open.

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