Facebook’s Combined Messaging Service Not Coming This Year

Facebook has confirmed an earlier report that it is going to merge WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, letting you send messages from one service to the other. After the company faced global security issues, it’s finally changing its business outlook by interlinking the three platforms, so as to provide encrypted messaging and content to all of its users, for all of its social platforms.

Zuckerberg’s Statement

Whether or not it proves to be useful, or desirable for users who interact with Facebook-owned networks, we don’t have to worry about it just yet. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the plan is still in its “early days”. He said that “it’s the direction we (Facebook) should be going with more things in the future.”

He added that the project won’t be ready until 2020.

The social network giant wants to interlink the big social networks to make it easier for users, who usually have to keep both Messenger and WhatsApp in their Smartphones to get the most out of both social apps. WhatsApp is pretty much the default messaging app most people use in the world, but they also have to switch to Messenger to chat with their Facebook friends.

Switching Apps

Facebook itself has to be used in an annoying bundle of two apps – the base Facebook app and Messenger for chatting. The company has always kept the two functions separate, and now that it owns WhatsApp, there’s no point in having another messaging app, because Facebook can’t directly push its services to it as it can for Messenger.

The American social media company controls the data of a significant portion of the world’s population. Facebook has over 1.52 billion monthly active users, while the company collectively using WhatsApp and Instagram runs social accounts of more than 2.72 billion people.

While there’s still time to use the apps the way they are right now, next year we might get to see some major changes by the company.

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