This Train Arriving in Balochistan is a Sight to Behold

Watching the snowfall is truly breathtaking, but witnessing it from your cabin in a train as it pours from above and the railcar makes its way through the snowy track is something not many of us have experienced.

The snow-clad surroundings with a solitary animal in the backdrop awaiting the train as it snows, paint a lovely picture as if it is straight out of the films. Some might even believe it to be Europe, if not for the trademark Pakistani train (pun intended).

Here is a video of a train captured from Kolpur railway station in the Mastung district of Balochistan.

I would rather not give an example of some film. These are jaw-dropping scenes, to say the least, not needing a comparison and you are bound to have goosebumps while watching the train move through the snowy landscape.

Who wouldn’t want to travel in a train in such amazing weather in some snowy area of Balochistan? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section.

Feature Writer

  • If Government Can Consider on (Private Company) Holidays of Employee Annually, So We Can See the Beautiful Pakistan Along With Family.

  • Jaw dropping. Offcourse jaw tu drop hona hay jab minus may be windows open hain. Janwar logo duniya ko be daikhtay raho kahan poonch hae hay. No where is concept of a person opening door of running train and take his thobra out or been able to open the window.

  • Impressive still picture and the video. With a little editing the vide can become tremendous presentation of “PR ?” (Pakistan Railways)” mountain reach and the four season’s accessibility of the country. Please highlight this to PTDC and the Government for usage in their Tourism Incremental Campaigns.

  • The snow scene is jaw dropping but not the train. The train is same old boggies with our public who doesnt know how to keep them in good condition. Trains in developed countries are in much better shape!

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