Google’s New Chrome Extension Tells You If Your Password is Stolen

Google is celebrating the “Safer Internet” Day by introducing two new safety measures, that can actually make the internet a safer place.

These two updates seek to protect the usernames and passwords among other details. They will be a sigh of relief for many, as compromised passwords are often used for data theft.

Account Protection and Password Checkup

Even if you have taken necessary protection measures, they may not extend to the app/service that you sign into with your Google account. Therefore, Google has introduced Cross Account Protection to safeguard against that.

The other is an extension called “Password Checkup” for the desktop version of Chrome that can check if your password has been compromised or not. As per the details, Google has gathered a set of 4 billion compromised accounts’ details for this purpose.


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How They Work

Once you install the extension, it compares the data you shared with Google with what you type in. It lets you know then if any of the entries is hacked. If the entry is hacked, you will get an automatic warning and a suggestion to change your password.

This Chrome Extension can Detect Stolen Account Details
Source: Google


Many people have sensitive information stored on their Google accounts like credit/debit card data, account details of online banking, and so on. A compromised password means this information will also be comprised. In order to avoid that, Google has rolled out Cross Account Protection.

With this feature, Google informs the apps and sites that you’ve signed into, that your account has been hacked. Moreover, it will be done without disclosing sensitive information. The person whose account got hacked will only know that a security breach has occurred and when it happened.

The feature has been developed with Internet Engineering Task Force, Adobe, and Open ID Foundation.

Via: Google

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