KP is Making its Next Budget Based on a Public Survey

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has decided to launch a survey regarding the next provincial budget in order to incorporate peoples’ expectations into the coming financial plan.

This announcement has been made by Chief Minister Mahmood Khan. He asked the people of KP to participate in the survey.

“The provincial government will carry out an extensive exercise to know and ascertain people’s needs, requirements and their expectations. The next budget would properly reflect what the people expect from the provincial government,” he said.

Mahmood said that the next budget will protect the rightful share of people through a just formula. He added that the equitable distribution of resources and planning strategy will be carried out through a well-directed road map.


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The provincial executive said that the KP government will chalk out the next budget while keeping in view the current budget as well as people’s expectations.

“There will neither be assumptions oriented strategy nor any illogical, ambiguous, and unclear direction in the whole process of budget preparation,” he said.

The CM is of the view that conducting the survey before finalizing the budget will rectify the flaws, which have been continuously committed in the past and caused wastage of resources.

The survey aims to achieve transparent governance, systematic revitalization of institutions, identification of the real issues of people, merit-based decision making for the public welfare, and promotion of participatory approach in the whole resource distribution formula.