Thousands of Pakistanis Became Afghan for $400

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has identified thousands of Pakistanis who registered themselves as Afghan refugees for just 400 US dollars.

Chairman NADRA, Usman Yusuf Mubeen, has revealed that at least 10,000 Pakistanis turned Afghan to get the allowance of $400 as announced by the UN High Commission for refugees willing to repatriate voluntarily to their home country.

He made this revelation while briefing the Standing Committee on Interior on blocked National Identity Cards.

Senator Rehman Malik chaired the committee.


Pakistan Hosted the Second Most Refugees in the World in 2017

Usman Yusuf informed the Senate that these Pakistanis were identified by the system when they came to obtain CNICs, as their cards had been blocked, adding that the CNICs were blocked in five different categories of suspicious cases.

Chairman NADRA briefed the committee that till date, around one million refugees have returned to Afghanistan under the voluntary repatriation scheme

He added that each refugee received $400 as an assistance package as announced by the UN High Commission for Refugees – even for their newborns.

  • Shabash! Har jaga munh kaala karo apnay mulk ka. Aur phir hum log apnay hukumranon ko bura bhala kehtay hain.

  • I’ve One Question : Why Pakistani Becomes Afghani ? Why ?

    In Pakistan Lots of Opportunity & In Afghanistan No Opportunity
    Even Afghanistan Only the One Who Was Not Agreed “As Pakistan Independent”

  • Aisay saray pakistanion per gaddar honayka label laga k unki yahan pakistan mai jo olaidain or familiy hay usko bhi yahan se kickout kerdena chaye ta k aisay kanjaron se dosray sabak lain or ainda aisa karnay k baray mai sochain bhi nahi. Afghani to namak harami hain jb in haram khoron ko zarorat thi shelter ki to agaye pakistan mai or aj ulta pakistan k khilaf bhonktay hain k pakistan aisa gay pakistan wesa hay pakistan ye kerdia or woh kerdia . taliban tumharay sath sahi kartay hain tum log ho is he qabil k subha sham danday bajain in k sir pe

  • khuda ke panha. itni dooooooooooooor tkk koun sa banda soch layta ha? ussay ministry of foreign affairs do.

  • When the state loves to charge taxes; but unwilling to take their responsibility. Sometimes I think the masses are laborers and donkeys to faciliate the rich, powerful corrupt elite.

  • Poverty makes you do things, even that are against your grain. I am sure these guys were patriotic citizens of Pakistan, but economic situation leads them to sell even their citizenship status. Pakistani politicians should spend more on social welfare schemes like Benajir income support program; namely health, education, shelter, food etc. Previous two government’s kept unstable economy stable.

    Afghanistan’s refugees won’t get UN’s money forever. They should be sent to Afghanistan from surrounding countries, so they can contribute to nation building rather than living at mercy of others. Afghanistan need more people to defend their country from Talibs, once NATO leaves them.

    I also propose free movement of people across AfPak, Pakistanis must help their Muslim brothers in this crisis. just like India-Nepal free border. Stop killing your own, so that you can fight your “enemy”.

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