Supreme Court Hints at Nationalizing Uncooperative Private Schools

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has hinted at taking the private schools into the government’s fold.

Top court’s judge, Justice Ijazul Ahsan made this remark while hearing the ongoing case against private school fees and the contemptuous language used in the letter written to Supreme Court by two private schools.

The letter addressed the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, in a derogatory tone.

Irked by the letter, Justice Ijazul Ahsan observed that the letter was a contempt of court. But, the private school’s counsel begged to differ and said the intent was pure.

“The school administration did not intend to disrespect the honorable court and the judge. The schools have implemented the [court’s] order in its true sense and have decreased the tuition fee.”

One of the three judges hearing the case, Justice Gulzar Ahmed said the private schools have turned the holy profession into a business commodity.


SHC Orders Action Against Private Schools Which Aren’t Following Court’s Decision

He lashed out the school administration for intrusive questions asked during interviews. “Parents are asked where they will be traveling for holidays – how is that the concern of the school administration? Who has given you the authority to ask such questions?”

Justice Ahmed further remarked that private schools have poisoned homes.

“What kind of things do you write? We should close your schools and can even nationalize them. We can ask the government to handle the administrative affairs of your schools.”

The counsel of the private schools apologized to the court and assured that nothing of the sort will ever happen again.

At this, Justice Gulzar said, “You can submit a written apology, and we will take a look. We will get an audit done to check whether you have black or white money.”

The court, directing the administrations of the schools to submit replies, adjourned hearing for two weeks.

  • Private School Wale Nahi Many Ge Court Jee :
    Jab tak Banned Nahi Hone Do 3 Bare School tab tak Koi Nahi SUDHREGA :

    Audit Karwao Her School Ki Kitna Per Student Total Income Ho Raha hai Kitna Expense Etc :
    Payment Bank to Bank Recived Karwaya Jaye Cash Banned Rakh Jaye :

  • Yes please. We need another disaster in our history. I dont know how this country is gonna survive if decisions like this keeps happening.

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