Govt to Connect All Tourist Spots With Air, Rail and Road Links

The federal government is working on a comprehensive plan for the promotion of tourism in the country.


In this regard, the government has taken several steps including formation of a joint committee comprising ministers from the federal and provincial governments on the directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The committee will work on the inter-provincial difficulties for the promotion of tourism.

Among other key decisions, the government has also decided to connect all the tourist spots via rail, road and air links.


CM KP Approves Handover of Galiyat Authority to Tourism Corporation

PM Khan has assigned special tasks to the Railways and Aviation division – which has decided to upgrade the Skardu Airport.

The Civil Aviation Authority will be turning Skardu Airport into a state of the art, international airport.


The Aviation Division has already approved the upgradation of the airport. As per the reports, the latest air traffic control system will be installed at the Skardu Airport along with a new runway and an airport terminal.

Following the return of peace in the beautiful Swat Valley, the government has also announced to open the Saidu Sharif Airport for the ease of tourists.


Govt Decides to Form a New Agency to Promote Tourism

A special team from the Aviation Division has been tasked with the upgradation of the airport, which will start working after the final approval from the Aviation board.

On the other hand, the Railways ministry has also presented its plan according to which it is going to run special tourist trains and steam engines in tourist spots in Punjab, Sindh, and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

According to some Pakistan railway officials, the department is going to connect Gandhara civilization with a track from Peshawar to Takht-e-Bahi will be restored to promote tourism.

Via: Tribune


  • FG is ignore AzadKashmir although azad kashmir is near to pakistan 3 to 4 hour drive as compare to gilgit 10 to 15 hour drive . AJK has great potential of tourism

    • I 100% agree that Pak Controlled Kashmir is more serene and beautiful than barren mountains of GB and easier to access by road. But Skardo airport will also serve as a hub for CPEC transportation and a dry port. Tourism is already thriving there.

    • In Ajk actually foreign tourists are not allowed as only Pakistanis can enter. that what we faced few years ago, Dont know current scenario

    • Tourism potential of Gilgit-Baltistan is much because of its unique landscape, high mountains, valleys, sports, glaciers, rivers and above all the peaceful, loving, caring and honest people and their culture. It is evidence that the Gilgit-Baltistan has attract millions of tourist every year and it is increasing exponentially, especially last 4 years Gilgit-Baltistan govt has restricted the entry of tourist for few weeks because of over crowd and they compelled to turn all main parks into tent village for tourist after all hotels/guest house/hostel were fully packed.
      So, Kashmir has its own potential but Gilgit-Baltistan is unique land and land of fairies.

      • Yes i agree with you there is no alternate for GB in pakistan and it has potential to boost economy and this sactor need reforms. On the other hand in year 2017 almost 300,000 tourists visit neelum valley azad kashmir only despite this fact that AJK has very poor infrastructure and no airport.

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