Islamabad/Rawalpindi Police Share Traffic Plan for Saudi Crown Prince’s Visit

As the Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s first-ever official visit to Pakistan is nearing, security arrangements in Islamabad are also being beefed.

Rawalpindi Traffic Police (CTP) and Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) have devised a comprehensive traffic plan for February 17 and 18.

According to the plan, additional personnel and traffic wardens would be deployed at crucial intersections and division points to guide the masses and to control the flow. A special branch of the RTP will issue individual passes to those on-duty.

Heavy traffic from Lahore and other cities to Islamabad will be halted a little before Rawat – and will only be allowed entry late at night.

The entry point from the Grand Trunk (GT) Road will also be closed for the public, and the traffic will be diverted to arteries of Jhelum Road. However, vehicles can enter Islamabad through Mall Road or Murree Road.

Islamabad Expressway from Koral Chowk, Shakariyal, Khanna Pul, and the Faizabad interchange will be closed for regular traffic as well.

Further, traffic from Airport Road will be diverted to Rawal Road via the Ammar Chowk overhead bridge.

Similarly, traffic coming from Golra Mor will be diverted towards the IJP road through Pirwadhai. Travelers can take the Double Road to Islamabad and IJP

In case of any queries and information, citizens have been asked to contact the traffic police’s helpline.

Meanwhile, Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat has also refuted the notion that the capital is going to come to a halt during MBS’s visit.

He made it clear in his Twitter post that everything will be normal. DC Islamabad added that only red zone and some adjoining areas would be restricted for entry for a limited time.

He further confirmed that the Metro Bus service would not enter the red zone and its adjoining areas on Saturday and Sunday.

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