CPPA Recommends Increasing Electricity Tarrif by Rs. 1.93

Amid announcements of heavy investments by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan, there is bad news for common Pakistanis.

The power tariff is likely to increase by Rs 1.9382 per unit following an application submitted to the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) by the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA), requesting a hike in power tariff under the head of monthly fuel price adjustment mechanism.

The hearing for the proposed adjustment is scheduled in Islamabad on Wednesday.

According to CPPA’s data, a total of 7,763.57 gigawatts per hour (GWh) energy was generated in January, out of which 7,423.11 GWh was delivered to the power distribution companies.

The breakdown of energy generated from different sources is as follows:

  • Hydel – 477.62 GWh (6.15%)
  • Coal – 1,451.80 GWh (18.7%)
  • High-speed diesel (HSD) – 12.26 GWh (0.16%)
  •  Residual fuel oil – 1,722.06 GWh (22.18%)
  • Gas – 1,709.42 GWh (22.02%)
  • Re-gasified liquefied natural gas – 1,138.25 GWh (14.66%)
  • Nuclear – 905.62 GWh (11.66%)
  • Iranian import – 35.04 GwH (0.45%)
  • Mixed sources – 25.62 GWh (0.33%)
  • Wind – 156.27 GWh (2.01%)
  • Bagasse – 86.42 GWh (1.11%)
  • Solar – 43.20 GWh (0.56%)

The intersted/affected parties can raise their concerns via oral or written objections at the public hearing as per NEPRA’s notification.

Earlier, NEPRA had notified of a Rs 0.5685 KWh hike in power tariff on account of fuel price adjustment for the month of December which was expected to raise Rs 4.20 billion from the consumers.

Via PakistanToday

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