Social Media Responds Hilariously to Jeremy McLellan’s Tweet About India Invading Pakistan

Remember the American stand-up comedian, Jeremy McLellan? Of course, you do!

Well, he’s back and India might not feel so good about it. You know why, don’t you? His love affair with Pakistani spy pigeons in India is a known phenomenon and his tweets are always loved by our fellow countrymen.

Here’s his latest tweet.

The way people filled him in is nothing but hilarious. And you are going to get goosebumps, for sure.

Here are some of the funniest responses:

*Reacts to the threats*


Pakistanis right now.

Longer than we thought.

Still no attack.

The new recruits are here.

No time to waste.

We only have one day left.

It has started.

Lahoris won’t let them attack.

Pakistanis, dress up properly! What will Kangana Ranaut say (winks).

Fawad Rana might be the facilitator.

Our pigeons are enough.

The level of chill is amazing.

This sums up the current scenario.

Here’s how India is planning to invade Pakistan.

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  • Those who thunder don’t pour
    (Jo Grajte hai Wo Braste Nhai)

    Pakistan Barse Ga Battle of Hind Main Just Wait And Watch

  • Those who thunder don’t pour
    (Jo Grajte hai Wo Braste Nhai)

    Pakistan Barse Ga Battle_of_Hind Main Just Wait And Watch..

  • Those who thunder don’t pour
    (Jo Grajteee hai Wo Brasteee Nhai)

    Pakistan Barseee Ga Battlee of Hinddd Main Just Wait And Watch…..

  • Hahahhaa

    Paagal Paagal Meri Aankhon k saamnhy Paagal

    Mera Dill gya

    Hii Hii

    Mera PSL Gya

    Hii Hii



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