Xiaomi Launches Yunmai Smartwatch For Just $100

Xiaomi has launched another third-party smart training watch, manufactured by its ecological chain company Yunmai. The new smartwatch is on sale for 699 Yuan (approximately $103) on the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding platform.


Fitness freaks are up for a treat as the watch comes equipped with a 1.3 inches AMOLED display with 90% NTSC display color gamut, 360×360 resolution, GPS + GLONASS navigation, 420mAh battery, a powerful 9-axis sensor, U-BLOXGPS high-end chip, along with other amazing features for recording professional sports data including calory consumption, effective activity, number of steps, mileage, and speed.

Just like any other sports-focused smartwatch, this one also sports an accurate heart rate sensor capable of monitoring the user’s heart rate all day long.

IP67 water-resistance is good enough to prevent any water damage when using the smartwatch in rain.

Coming in Rose Gold and Ash colors, the Yunmai smartwatch is up for crowdfunding until 4th March with shipping expected to start from 26th March.

Despite the low price tag, the smartwatch has impressive brightness levels and a power saving mode. The screen settings can be changed to turn on once the user raises the wrist to face the watch. Unlike other smartwatches, this one runs on Xiaomi’s custom OS allowing it to be used for 4 days under maximum usage with all features turned on.

A large battery life, premium display and a low price tag should definitely tempt the fitness lovers to get their hands on the Yunmai smartwatch.

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