Olympics Committee Bans India for Rejecting Visas to Pakistani Athletes

In the wake of Pulwama Attack against Indian militants, their government has started to isolate Pakistan but has so far achieved nothing but embarrassment.

From the morphed photographs to the tamatar saga, Indian media has been making a mockery of itself in the past week or so.

To add insult to injury, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has punished India for not allowing two Pakistani athletes to participate in 25m rapid fire shooting event in Delhi. The event was a qualification round for the Tokyo Olympics 2020, however, the international body has revoked the tournament’s status as a qualifying event. Following the event, the top two athletes would have qualified for the Games.

An IOC statement attributed India’s refusal to grant access to Pakistani athletes against the IOC rules.

This situation goes against the Fundamental Principles of the Olympic Charter.

The two spots for the 2020 Olympics will now be up for grabs in other events.

Furthermore, India will not get to host any Olympic-related event in the future unless it receives written assurances from the Indian government to comply with IOC rules. The regulatory body also urged other global sporting bodies to not grant the hosting rights to India for politicizing sports.

The IOC Executive Board also decided to suspend all discussions with the Indian NOC and government regarding the potential applications for hosting future sports and Olympic-related events in India.

According to the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) roadmap, the country plans to host the Youth Olympics in 2026, Asian Games in 2030 and the Summer Olympics in 2032.

According to the reports, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) also plans to push the International Cricket Council (ICC) to ban Pakistan from Cricket World Cup 2019. However, with no support from other member nations, more embarrassment awaits the Indian government.

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  • Don’t want to be rude but you dumb Indians, this is what’s holding you back. You have all the makings of becoming Asia’s next big thing but unfortunately that will never happen because of your mentality. And there’s nothing you can do to change it.

    • Well you just said what anyone else would say and to be honest it is rude.Its not dumb Indians, rather their very clever and selfish ruling class, just like any other country’s, using the situation for their benefit.

    • The same could be said about us. We have the makings of a great nation but we are never going to become one because we are too busy fighting amongst ourselves and we keep electing corrupt pieces of **** back into power over and over again.

    • Yes, we are dumb enough to respect lifes of soldiers. What about you? You dont respect the person’s life and keep giving place to terrorists. Thats why you Pakistani are still achieved any respect or place in world.

    • India was not right in not giving visa to the pakistani sportsmen but what pakistan did was extremely shameful and shows how coward it is . Promoting terrorism is the only thing pakistan can do while its already filled woth poverty, illiteracy, unemployement and loads of other problems . Bloody backwards , rigid , stupid and shamless people

  • India, You Will Alone By Internationally : & Then We Will Catch to All Of Them & Make Islamic Culture at Hindustan Soon.

  • Indian Government should be ashamed of themselves staging the Pulwama attack and killing its own soldiers.. just so that they could blame it on pakistan… what politicians will do to get in power… disgusting

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