Ignite’s February Newsletter Comes With More Insights on Tech in Pakistan

Ignite, the government-backed organization that aims to fund startups and innovative projects that utilize 4th industrial wave tech to solve local problems and target global opportunities, has launched the February edition of its newsletter.

In the recent newsletter for February 2019, Ignite talks about how it had to deal with a hiring freeze and the government changes due to the elections. However, Ignite has made great strides in the past year with over 200 startups being incubated or having graduated. The Digiskills project has seen over 100,000 people getting training and a beta version of a portal was launched to connect investors with the startups directly.

Ignite has been recognized by UNIDO for making strides into the fourth industrial tech realm and the organization was recognized at the Vienna HQ for it. Its progress will be used as a case study for other nations. This is a huge commendation for Ignite and Pakistan as a whole.

The newsletter also talks about how cybersecurity is critical for the future of Pakistan and what needs to be done to build a comprehensive framework that will safeguard the country against cyber threats. An article by CEO Ignite Yusuf Hussain on the same topic goes into great detail on this topic.

The newsletter further talks about the projects that Ignite has helped fund, including some game changers such as the first portable dialysis machine in Pakistan which will be beneficial to hundreds of thousands of people who need dialysis and a startup which is hoping to bring augmented reality to the classrooms which will help revolutionize the educational sector and help children learn from a different angle.

Ignite has helped fund startups that are working on blockchain and machine learning to help make shopping easier as well. There is also a startup which is looking into improving the agricultural sector.

The newsletter talks about the other various activities that Ignite has organized and how it has raised $22.3 million for 31 startups.

If you want to stay updated and read more about these topics and more, head over to the Ignite newsletter webpage.