Pakistan vs India: How Do Their Army Strengths Compare?

With tensions escalating between the two nuclear-armed neighbors, both Pakistan and India are preparing for war.

Having already fought multiple wars over the disputed region of Kashmir, another war might be on the cards considering the war-mongering attitude of the Indian government.

Let’s compare the military arsenal of the South Asian rivals.

Pakistan India
Military Budget $11 billion – 3.6% of GDP $58 billion – 2.1% of GDP
Foreign Military Assistance $100 million
Active Military Troops 653,800 1.4 million
Nuclear Warheads 140-150 130-140
Maximum Missile Range Shaheen 2 – 2,000 km Agni 3 – 3,000 to 5,000 km
Army Troops: 560,000 Troops: 1.2 million
Battle Tanks: 2,496 Battle Tanks: 3,565
Armored Personnel Carriers: 1,605 Armored Personnel Carriers: 336
Artillery Guns: 4,472 Artillery Guns: 9,719
Air Force

Personnel: 65,000 Personnel: 127,200
Combat Aircraft: 425 Combat Aircraft: 814
Early Warning and Control Aircraft: 7 Early Warning and Control Aircraft: 4


Personnel: 26,000 Personnel: 67,700
Aircraft Carrier: 0 Aircraft Carrier: 1
Submarines: 8 Submarines: 16
Destroyers: No Data Available Destroyers: 14
Frigates: 9 Frigates: 13
Patrol and Coastal Combatant Vessels: 17 Patrol and Coastal Combatant Vessels: 106
Combat-capable Aircraft: 8 Combat-capable Aircraft: 75

While Pakistan’s military assets may be less than India, history has proved otherwise. Looking at India’s population of more than 1.3 billion, the military arsenal is justified. Pakistan, on the other hand, allocates a major chunk of its budget for defense purposes.

Sources: Al-Jazeera, Wikipedia.

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  • 2 jets minus krdo IAF mein se (from 814 to 812) 😂 aur 127,200 se bhi 2 personnel minus krdo ab 127,198 !! 😂

  • War is NOT a solution and it should avoid at any cost but if it’s imminent, we should go for it.

    By the way, you missed the actual thing “jazba-e-shahadat”.
    They have nothing to get from their death while we’ll get the reward here and in the hereafter (In Sha Allah).

  • Lets Check out the History…
    Gazwa -e- badr
    Muslims = 313 , Kuffar = 1000
    Gazwa-e- Uhad
    Muslims = 1000 , Kuffar = 3000
    and so on…
    Quantity does not matter for muslims ,,,
    Quality matters …

    • It was after tolerating for 70 times, Allah gave prophet (pbuh) permission to wage a war. #SayNoToWar

  • Just figures. Condition and accuracy of all gadget more important. A lot of Indian air crafts are already grounded or not capable to fight in battlefield, but still in counting.

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