Introducing LTD: A Video Content Platform to Elevate, Motivate and Inspire

ProPakistani is very happy to announce the launch of a brand new video platform called LTD (Live the Dream).

What is it about and why did we feel the need for such a platform? Despite Pakistan being called a land of opportunity, we are hampered by a lack of knowledge about business. We have the will, the motivation, and the talent to succeed but we do not have an enabling environment to nurture this precious combination.

There aren’t enough stories in mainstream media towards which we can aspire. In daily news cycles and political commentary, the stories of people who have overcome great odds to build businesses that compete with the best in the world, are lost. Those smaller stories of ingenious ways people have dealt with Pakistan-specific challenges to establish thriving companies are nowhere to be found either.

LTD, or Live the Dream, is our answer. It is a platform that serves as a testament to the caliber of leadership being cultivated in our society – to foster our entrepreneurial engine, to recognize the figures of success, to share our ambitious dreams and help each other make them a reality.

After all, our most valuable assets, as a growing nation, has always been our individual and collective imaginations. Because this isn’t just about business. It’s about people. What they do. How they do it. How they rise above all the mounting hurdles.

Through LTD, we will talk to entrepreneurs, businessmen, CEOs, musicians, educators – everyone making an impact from boardrooms to dusty schools in rural Pakistan – and bring their stories to the mainstream and show the people of Pakistan how they too, can Live the Dream.

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