Steve Waugh Was Right About Shaheen Afridi & Mohammad Hasnain!

Legends of the game have the ability and the foresight to assess whether a certain individual has the potential to become a star or not.

Take the example of Imran Khan with Inzamam-ul-Haq; the legendary all-rounder spotted Inzamam in a training session and quickly asked for selectors to keep an eye out for him. Imran then advised the selectors to pick Inzamam-ul-Haq for the World Cup squad, which in hindsight, played a vital role in Pakistan winning the 1992 World Cup.

Similarly, four years ago, Steve Waugh had predicted Shaheen Afridi and Mohammad Hasnain to become stars of Pakistan cricket.

Shaheen has already proven Steve Waugh right after featuring for Pakistan in all three international formats whereas Hasnain’s splendid performances in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has earned him a national call-up for an upcoming tour of Australia.

Mohammad Mansoor, former Pakistan U-15 coach, recalled the U-15 tour of Australia and said:

We did well on the tour and during one of the matches at the Bradman Ground near Sydney, Steve Waugh came to watch his son Austin and when he saw Shaheen and Hasnain in action, there, he predicted the two boys will make an impact at international level.

Mohammad Hasnain has already made a huge impact in PSL 2019 due to his quick pace and ability to shine under pressure. Impressed with his caliber, he has rightly earned a call-up to the Pakistan’s national side despite Shahid Afridi claiming it to be too early.

Talking about his selection, Mickey Arthur said:

Myself and Inzamamul Haq watched a lot of the PSL and Hasnain fills a hole we are looking for in the national team. He has all the potential, and we are not going to rush somebody in, we will bring him slowly just like we did with Shaheen and will work with him to see if he is ready. His pace is the most impressive.

Mohammad Hasnain has received a lot of praise from everyone, including Australian Shane Watson who said:

He [Hasnain] is someone who is incredibly fast and skillful, and we will see a hell lot of him in the coming days. He is doing a great job for Quetta.

Former Pakistan coach and a legendary fast-bowler himself Waqar Younis claimed that he sees himself in Hasnain. He claimed:

Yes, I had the same pace and vigour at this age. He is very talented, and has pace, bounce and the determination. I have told him not to lose his pace, which is his strong point. What I have noticed is that apart from Shoaib Akhtar, all other pacers lost their pace after starting at 140-150kph, so Hasnain needs to heed on that.

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