PCB Has Insurance For Entire PSL 2019 Pakistan Matches

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has gotten Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2019 Pakistan-leg fully insured, as the board is confident of generating good revenue from hosting a number of matches on home soil.

The tournament is finally coming to a close after a long and exciting run. The final of PSL 2019 takes place on March 17 and the board wants to have a plan in place if any unfortunate incident occurs.

According to a report by various reports, the board will receive the entire contracted amount if something unfortunate does happen.

PCB also got the insurance for all foreign players who came to Pakistan for PSL 2019

Additionally, the board will also be compensated if any match in Karachi is “abandoned or called off due to rain or any unpleasant circumstances.”

A source close to the PCB claimed that the board is extremely delighted with the support from the fans. The board has generated a good revenue from gate-money which will likely be distributed amongst the franchises.

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