Here’s What Samsung Galaxy S10’s Screen Repairs Costs

In the recent Samsung S10 teardown by Zack from JerryRigEverything, he revealed how repairs for the new flagship will be pretty expensive. Mainly due to how everything is soldered to the motherboard, including the screen of the new flagship.

Screen repairs for this Dynamic AMOLED display cost nearly as much as a new mid-range phone. The prices, of course, are not as high iPhone screen repairs but they certainly top the repair prices of flagships released by Samsung till now, this also includes Note 9.

The official prices have only been revealed in Taiwan and Australia, but it definitely gives us a good idea of how the prices are going to be.

Model Taiwan (Taiwanese Dollars) Australia
Galaxy S10+ $7,100 $320
Galaxy S10 $6,450 $300
Galaxy S10e $5,350 $280
Galaxy S9+ $5,300 $287
Galaxy S9 $4,700 $247
Galaxy S8+ $5,300 $260
Galaxy S8 $4,700 $250


Even the comparatively smaller and lower resolution display of S10e costs approximately as much as the flagship model S9+ to repair.

Personally, we feel that Samsung has gone overboard with the pricing this time and there is no justification for it.

Prices for repairs are available at the official Samsung websites in both countries.

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