PCB MD Makes Huge Announcements for Pakistan Cricket

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Managing Director (MD) Wasim Khan claims that tough decisions will be made to ensure the improvement of Pakistan cricket in the near future.

Prioritizing Interests

Speaking to reporters, Wasim said that sports and politics should always operate independently. He further revealed that he felt hurt by PSL’s blackout in India due to political influence.

PSL was blacked out in India. We will prioritize our interests as far as cricket relations with India are concerned. We are ready for anything India does in the International Cricket Council (ICC). We will look at the interests of Pakistan in all matters above all else.

Hopeful for Sri Lanka Tour to Pakistan

Wasim said that PCB’s main agenda is the return of international cricket in Pakistan and the board remains hopeful for Sri Lanka’s tour of Pakistan after the World Cup.

“We are striving to make an international tour by Sri Lanka team to Pakistan possible. We are hopeful it will go through,” he said.

The return of international cricket is our first priority. We should look ahead and not to the past.

Pakistan Women’s Cricket

After the appointment of an all-female selection committee for the women’s national team, Wasim said that PCB will now be appointing a local batting coach as well.

We are going to hire a batting coach for the women’s team. The batting coach will not be foreign as preference will be given to local coaches.

PSL in Pakistan!

In a bid to host the entire Pakistan Super League (PSL) in Pakistan, preparations have already begun. Wasim Khan said that PSL 2019 was a huge success and now the entire world can see that Pakistan is a peaceful place to play cricket.

We will be looking at Rawalpindi amongst other cities as possible destinations for PSL in the next edition. The whole world has witnessed the security provided by Pakistan. Everyone has praised the security and facilities that we provided.

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