Honda Atlas Increases BR-V & City Prices by Up to Rs. 85,000

Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited (HACPL) has increased the prices of its cars by Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 85,000. The new prices will be applicable from April 1st.

The reason for this price hike can be attributed to the currency devaluation in the recent past. The company maintains that it did not pass on the impact of the last exchange rate variation to its customers in hopes that rupee will see stabilization. However, the present situation makes it hard to maintain the current prices and the company is compelled to raise its cars’ prices from today.

Cars Old Prices New Prices
City 1.3L MT   1,854,000 1,919,000
City 1.3L AT      1,994,000 2,059,000
City 1.5L MT 1,914,000 1,979,000
City 1.5L AT 2,054,000 2,119,000
City 1.5L Aspire MT 2,064,000 2,134,000
City 1.5L Aspire AT 2,204,000 2,274,000
BR-V MT 2,234,000 2,234,000
BR-V AT 2,384,000 2,434,000
BR-V CVT 2,484,000 2,569,000


The price of City 1.3 L MT, 1.3 L AT, 1.5L MT, and 1.5 L AT have seen an increase of Rs. 65,000 per variant. The prices of City 1.5L Aspire MT and 1.5 Aspire AT have increased by Rs. 70,000 while the price of BR-V CVT has been raised by Rs. 50,000. Moreover, the price of BR-CVt saw an increase of Rs. 85,000.

The new prices will apply on new bookings and back orders with full/partial payment. Only City and BR-V back-order cars which are due by April 19 and have cleared their payments by March 30 will be invoiced on the older price.

Remaining cars will be invoiced at the new price.

Consignee stock present at the dealerships on March 30, 2019 closing will also be sold at the new price.

Moreover, the company will announce the new prices of Civic later this month. Until then, new bookings will continue with a minimum amount of Rs.1.2 million.

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