BenQ Zowie Gaming Monitors & Gear Officially Launched in Pakistan

Zowie, a brand by BenQ, dedicated to the development of the best competitive gaming monitors & gears, has recently announced its availability across Pakistan with all Power Retailers & Etailers in the region with a 3 Year Warranty.

BenQ Zowie aims at providing gamers with an array of proficient gaming equipment to choose from. The range features XL & RL series monitors fine-tuned for a smooth and responsive experience. The gaming EC, FK & ZA Mouse series is available in various sizes and shapes for preferred grips, with options for right and left-handed players. The mousepads (SR and TF-X range) are a flawless combination of comfort and flexibility that provides stability and same performance across the mousepad and on any kind of surface.

BenQ Zowie XL Series

Zowie’s range of monitors will include, XL2546, XL2740 & XL2411P. Zowie’s XL-series features the premiere e-Sports monitors for PC competitors, fine-tuned to guarantee the smoothest and responsive experience, and the clearest images to arm you for competition. The XL monitors will be available in a price range of PKR 39,199 to PKR 86,699.

BenQ Zowie XL2546 & XL2740 comes equipped with BenQ Zowie’s exclusive technology – “Dynamic Accuracy”. The feature maintains remarkable clarity during in-game movements providing a smoother experience.

It also features Color Vibrance and Black eQualizer technology, fine-tuned to optimize the color performance and increase the visibility in dark scenes respectively. The monitor also has a native 240Hz Refresh Rate that catches every detail of motion and ensures a flawless view of fast-motion through 1ms response time.

BenQ Zowie RL Series

The Zowie RL-series e-Sports monitor, RL2455 & RL2755 is designed and fine-tuned for the e-Sports experience on a PS4. RL-Series Monitors are also adopted worldwide by most professional e-Sports tournaments and players and are optimized for console e-Sports. With PUBG now being available on PS4 and inclusion of Colour Vibrance feature, e-Sports enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite game on Zowie RL Series for an unmatchable gaming experience.

The monitor offers details and vividness to enhance the visibility of dark scenes. Zowie monitors are equipped with features what a gamer or a professional gamer would want. The RL monitors will be available in a price range of PKR 27,499 to PKR 35,699.

BenQ Zowie Mice

Additionally, Zowie will display its full range of gaming gear which consists of mouse, mousepads and Celeritas II keyboard.

The mouse range includes most popular EC, FK and ZA series along with newly launched EC1-B & EC2-B CSGO Edition. EC-B (CSGO Edition) mouse are exclusively designed for right-handed users. It offers users a bigger room for wrist movements. The shape of the right side of the mouse is well rounded. It allows the user’s fingertips to hold/cover the mouse to move smoothly. EC-B Series with a 3360 sensor comes in two sizes to fulfill different needs. EC1-B and EC2-B (CSGO Edition) are priced at PKR 8,599 to PKR 10,199.

BenQ Zowie Mousepads

Mousepads will include G-SR, P-SR, G-TF-X and P-TF-X. Zowie’s latest launch G-SR-SE Red & Blue is also available, providing gamers with a new color option, and refreshed design to choose from. Zowie’s range of Mousepads starts from PKR 4,799 onwards.

BenQ Zowie Keyboard & Camade

Zowie Celeritas II features an optimal and more precise pre-travel, which is the distance the key has to travel before an action is performed. It introduces the optical switch, which allows players to avoid double key presses. It also has illuminated keys, with brightness levels that can be adjusted or turned off completely. Zowie Celeritas II will be sold at an RRP of PKR 19,299.

In addition, the range also includes Zowie CAMADE, available at PKR 4,199, a solution for inconveniences with the mouse cable such as space constraints or cable entanglement. CAMADE lets gamers adjust the cable length available to make quick and unobstructed movements.

Zowie understands the importance of personal preference and promises to deliver a truly competitive experience and enjoyment for gamers in Pakistan, focussing on gamers who are willing to get into competitive gaming or are already into it.

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    • Wahab bro, don’t get offended but you need to go and still play carom and ludo with your family.
      And why you’re taking a jab on these youngsters? Let them play on what platform they want to play and appreciate that gaming products are being launched in Pakistan.
      We gamers want the best gaming hardware available in the market for the best gameplay experience and it’s not “Nasha”. I know you’re taking a bit old school, but the future is now. Peace out.

  • That’s cool,
    BenQ was already present in Pakistan from long time, but official present makes it better, Good for warranty claim and hope for lower price products.

    • Easetec is official distributor, many of the retailers are selling it with 3 years official warranty now.

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