Qatari Investors Interested in Providing Management Services for Islamabad Airport

Prime Minister Imran Khan met a delegation of Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) headed by Sheikh Faisal Bin Thani Al-Thani in Islamabad. The Qatari delegation expressed interest in various areas including tourism, energy sector, housing and Airport Management.

The Prime Minister assured the delegation that the new government is taking measures to facilitate foreign direct investment in the country.

The delegation is reportedly interested in investing in agriculture, infrastructure, power and tourism in Pakistan. It also desires to provide management services for Islamabad International Airport to provide better facilities to the passengers and airliners.

Earlier, on April 1st, a delegation headed by Sheikh Faisal Bin Thani Al-Thani discussed their future investment plans with Federal Minister of Planning and development Makhdum Khusro Bakhtiar. Housing and Works Minister Tariq Bashir Cheema, Haroon Sharif Chairman of Board of Investment, Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi, Special Assistant to PM Zulfi Bukhari and PM’s advisor on Commerce Abdul Razzak Dawood were also present.

Briefings about energy and infrastructure requirements, Naya Pakistan Housing scheme and expansion of tourism in the country were also given to the foreign mission.

The QIA delegation included Sultan Ali Hamad, Sultan Hassan Al-Saadi and Faisal Abbas Chaudhry, Hamad Al-Mulla, Mohammed Al-Hasmi, Deven Arvind Karnik and Khalid Jolo.