Wasim Akram Tips Pakistan to Win the World Cup

Legendary Pakistan fast-bowler Wasim Akram believes that Pakistan has a chance of lifting the upcoming World Cup scheduled for next month.

Pakistan’s only World Cup victory came under Imran Khan in 1992 and Wasim Akram played a crucial role in the triumph.

In addition to his remarkable performances, he was man of the match in the final of the 1992 World Cup for his 33 runs cameo from just 18 balls and 3 for 49 from 10 overs.

Akram believes that 2019 World Cup format, which is same as the 1992 World Cup format, will suit Pakistan much better.

It’s a format that was used in the 1992 World Cup, all teams have to play each other.

He added that this format eradicates the luck factor.

In this tournament, flukes won’t work like [when] there was the Super Six format where Kenya qualified for the semi-final. Here, the four best teams will qualify. Pakistan has a good chance.

Wasim Akram on Future Captain

There are a number of young cricketers in the Pakistan side but I believe Amir can be one to lead the team in the future.

Although he has not performed well in the previous few matches but Amir is still one of the best bowlers in the world. I also see him as future captain of Pakistan team.

Pakistan kick off their World Cup campaign against West Indies at Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

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  • Wasim Bhai
    Just Consider into Amir, Unki Speed Aur Swing Wapis Le Aye
    WC19 Hamara Ho Jayga

  • Flukes won’t work, Pakistan fluked it in 1992 when they were bowled out for 74 vs England but were lucky to get 1 point each due to rain, but he right this format is the best format.

    • Looks like the legendary “sattaybazz”is on bhang.
      While more then 80% of our players fail to pass fitness tests expecting them to win the most prestigious prize in cricket is wishful thinking.
      Yes we pray to “Allah” that are team performs to the best of their ability
      But in the mean time remember the old saying “God helps those who help themselves”

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