Airlines Double Airfares for Domestic Flights

The prices of the airline tickets have doubled for domestic flights in the past three weeks.

As per the sources, Pakistan International Airlines have set the price for a one-way flight ticket from Lahore to Karachi at Rs. 30,135. AirBlue is charging Rs. 26,000 while Serene Air is charging Rs. 36,000 for the same flight.


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Whereas, the same ticket could be purchased at almost half price, i.e., from Rs. 14000 to Rs. 20000. Notably, PIA, AirBlue, and SereneAir have also cut down the number of aircraft available for domestic flights.

The reason for the price hike remains unknown, as the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has not said anything about the issue yet. Nevertheless, the probable cause of this hike can be rupee devaluation against the dollar, as is the case with price hikes in other sectors.

Via: Express

  • Not true. 30k is the one-way fare for flights which are purchased a day or two before departure. Serene Air’s early morning flight costs 36k one way while the rest of its fare hovers between 16-16.5k.

  • the fares are normal as of previous around 17-18K one way. dont know whats the matter in spreading this fake news.

  • UAE tickets of Fly Dubai & others flights to Sharja, Dubai, AD, are even cheaper than LHR/KHI or KHI/ISB return tickets.

    Amazing, Also Fumigation in Planes are pathetic, Today I travel from PA200 Karachi to Islamabad Airblue & whole flight was full with Flying insects like Mosquitoes etc. I showed to cabin crew & told that W-11 Bus even have no Macher like this. I asked to note down complain & they didn’t give me feedback form. Remind them more than twice.

    So in such services a really Higher Fare is not justified. We expected more airlines like Sial Air & other should come & break monopoly of Airblue & PIA. Seren Air Services are much better than both of them but fare are almost same.

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