American Tourist to Travel from Karachi to Khunjerab Pass on Rickshaw

It’s spring and it’s tourist season. Not just locals, but foreigners are also planning their trips to Pakistan these days.

An America tourist, Alexander, has set out on a journey to traverse through Pakistan from Karachi to Pak-China border. With an aim to take ‘something iconic to Pakistan all over Pakistan’, Alexander is traveling in a rickshaw after decorating it in traditional Pakistani colors.

Having enjoyed his rickshaw ride in Karachi, Alexander has already bought one for himself and he plans to take it to places it has never gone before.

The green-colored rickshaw, with Pakistan and the US flags imprinted on it, catches the attention of everyone.

The most interesting thing about his plan is that he wants Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan to join him on the trip. He said this during an interview with a local media house.

My biggest wish is that Prime Minister Khan tags along with me, if he is watching this, I want to tell him that I would be delighted if he joins me on this trip.

It is highly unlikely that a rickshaw will fare well in the north of Pakistan but his initiative should be lauded for projecting a positive image of Pakistan.

Feature Writer

  • He better have a butt of iron. Those rickshaw seats are one of the uncomfortable seats in any transport.

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