Google is Now Showing Publisher Names in AMP URLs

Google AMP provides great speed which is loved by the users, but publishers were always hesitant using AMP mainly because Google did not display the publisher’s URL on the browser. Still, a lot of publishers have rolled out AMP pages to improve their readability and user-friendliness.

With recent updates that have been rolled out, Google has made changes that will give the publisher the power they demand.

Now, when the user is redirected to a publisher’s page on the browser, Google’s AMP link is not displayed rather the publisher’s own link is displayed.

Google was working on this feature since January last year. This is what it will look like:

A new web packaging standard has made this change possible, which uses signed exchanges with digital signatures that let the browser verify whether a certain document was actually issued by a publisher or not

The publisher will have to publish both signed and unsigned versions of their articles to make use of the new AMP packaging standard. Google had started telling publishers about this feature since November last year, but the feature is now rolling out to everyone.

The updated AMP pages are only supported by Google Chrome as of now, but other browsers will soon upgrade to add the support. Google has launched the new AMP pages in collaboration with CloudFlare. It will take time before the update rolls out to all the users.

CEO of CloudFlare in a statement said,

AMP has been a great solution to improve the performance of the internet and we were eager to work with the AMP Project to help eliminate one of AMP’s biggest issues — that it wasn’t served from a publisher’s perspective. As the only provider currently enabling this new solution, our global scale will allow publishers everywhere to benefit from a faster and more brand-aware mobile experience for their content.

  • It not google but cloudflare. Cloudflare now allows their users to use non google aamp url.

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