Almost Every Trend on Pakistani Twitter is About PTI’s Cabinet Reshuffle [Reactions]

Following a major reshuffle in Federal Cabinet by Prime Minister Imran Khan, which has seen a number of new faces taking up new roles, Twitter is swarmed with reactions on the new appointments.

Almost all the Twitter trends today are focused on the changes at the top of the ladder in PTI’s incumbent government.

These are the top Twitter trends for today in Pakistan:

While most of the people are bashing the government for not giving enough time to Asad Umar as Finance Minister, others are coming out in support of the change, saying that the reshuffle is the right step. However, most of the new portfolio holders are not being well-received by the Twitterati as Imran Khan’s decision is being criticized widely.

Let’s have a look at some of the tweets circulating on Twitter:

Let’s start off with the tweet that truly explains Imran Khan’s thinking when he shuffled the cabinet members:

Some are confused while others are…more confused.

On a lighter note.

What are your thoughts on the new appointments? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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  • You missed one Twitter trend here, involvement of big boy in this reshuffle, especially hiring of new PPP era finance minister.
    Peopakistani is also a typical media narrating everything filtering boots acts.

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