Govt Removes Officials for Not Resolving Complaints Shared on Citizen Portal

Pakistan Citizen Portal has been actively collaborating with the ministries and government departments to address the grievances of bereaved people.

The success rate for the portal is very high, and many people have praised the problem-solving application on social media.

But, in the last few months, many complaints surfaced on several online platforms about the fake redressal of grievances.

Citizens blamed that a few government officials were falsely categorizing their complaints as ‘Resolved’ while they didn’t do anything to solve it.

These complaints might have fallen on deaf ears in any other government but they were taken very seriously by Prime Minister Imran Khan-led PTI government and an inquiry was launched against the concerned officials.

After a month, PM Khan received the inquiry report, and removed Assistant Deputy Commissioners of Toba Take Singh, Gujrat and DG Khan, according to media reports.

As many as 34 Assistant Commissioners were given show cause notices while 20 ADCs received warning letters during the latest crackdown.

The government also issued appreciation letters to 70 ADCs for their excellent performance.

  • I have three complaints
    1. One dropped
    2. One semi resolved and closed
    3. Unresolved for over 6 months

  • I had several complaints and non of them got resolved but it said resolved. am very disappointed.

  • G. 13 /1 water supply problem is still not resolved. i have complaint on citizen portal on day next to the launch of this online complain service portal

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