PIA Flight Successfully Lands in Peshawar After Bomb Threat

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK350, bound for Peshawar from Karachi, has been reported to contain a bomb on board.

PIA’s spokesperson made this revelation while saying that the plane landed safely at Peshawar at 11:45 am. According to his statement, around 10-15 minutes before landing in Peshawar, the flight received a report of the presence of a bomb onboard the plane through a call from the Karachi Flight Dispatch.


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The captain also alerted the control tower about the bomb threat after which an emergency was declared at the airport. The passengers were evacuated from the plane as soon as the flight landed.

Security and bomb disposal squad officials searched through the plane, which was parked at the end of the runway however nothing suspicious was found and the aircraft was cleared to fly.

The plane took off for its next flight to Dubai at around 3:45 pm after a delay of around two and a half hours.

    • Abdul Wahab. Comments are easy to made… You are informed that there is a bomb in your house what you will do.. Either to evacuated asap and inform Police or BDS. Or do you have equipments at home to look after bomb.

    • Abdul Wahab ye kuch zyada nai howa.
      lets suppose you have equipment, who ll operate it?
      lets say you hired members to operate, Who ll bear its cost, while there can be .001% to happen.
      Lets say you found bomb, and unable to dispose then lets open the plane window, and throw bomb outside :)

      Hud ho gye yar. ap k commnets to 21 nai 2100 topo ki salami dheni chahie

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